Preparations You Must Make Before Receiving A Massage

If you have never had a massage before, there are several things you can do to improve your experience. Massage therapists are highly trained and know how to help you relax and relieve pain. However, there are also ways that you can help your massage therapist to his job.

The Appointment

Talk to your massage therapist about any questions you have. The therapist may want to know if you hurt anywhere and what concerns you have that have lead you to want to see a massage therapist. Any information you give the massage therapist might help. You should consider waiting before getting a massage if you have recently been injured such as if you were in a car accident. 

Drink Plenty of Water

Your stressed muscles lead to a build-up of toxins. Receiving massage therapy will help release these toxins. However, as the toxins are released, you will want to drink water to help flush the toxins out. However, you will not want to drink alcohol within two hours of your appointment.

Be Relaxed

Remember that receiving massage therapy is meant to be an enjoyable experience. Make sure to keep your mind open to suggestions. Make sure to plan ahead so you don't have to feel like you're rushing to meet your appointment. 

Make Sure to Not Sunburn

If you are spending a lot of time outside, you may find it difficult not to sunbathe. However, getting a sunburn can make your massage painful and difficult to enjoy.

Wear Loose Clothing

Wear clothing that is loose so you feel comfortable and so that the massage therapist will have an easier time giving you a massage. Find out if the particular massage therapist will have you wearing clothing or if he will have you wearing a towel.

Workout and Freshen Up Before the Massage

If you work out, it's best to do so before your massage and then take a bath or shower. Then, your body will benefit more from the massage because the massage can help relieve tension. Also, if you receive a massage before working out, you may feel too relaxed for your workout. Take a warm shower rather than a hot shower because you may loosen up too much before a warm shower. Once you are prepared for your massage, you'll have a much better experience. Throughout the experience, make sure to communicate with your massage therapist about what will make you feel better.

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