3 Reasons To Consider Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage can be an intimidating form of massage because the techniques used require more extensive pressure to reach the deeper layers of muscle and soft tissue. Although this form of massage is not suitable for every person, some people can experience improvements in musculoskeletal issues from this type of massage.

Pain Reduction

Trying deep tissue massage for chronic musculoskeletal pain can seem counterproductive, but some people with chronic issues like fibromyalgia find the treatment is beneficial. Regular massages may reduce chronic pain for several reasons. Since the massage technique helps pinpoint areas of tension, massaging these areas can relax tight muscles that make pain worse. Additionally, the mental aspects related to pain may be greatly reduced during a session. When people are more relaxed and have less stress, they are less likely to have tension in their muscles. If you have chronic pain, it is imperative to be honest with your massage therapist during the session about the amount of pressure that may be helpful or hurtful.

Increased Range Of Motion

Injuries or chronic musculoskeletal issues can lead to decreased range of motion and stiffness. Sometimes this is attributed to stiffening of soft tissues, the development of scar tissue, or pooling of lymphatic fluid at the sites of inflammation. This is the reason deep tissue massage uses more pressure than other variations of massage in an attempt to reach deeper layers of the soft tissues and muscle. Breaking down adhesions or scar tissue can be uncomfortable for some people, but in return, they can find their range of motion improves. Long, gentle strokes during massage may be helpful in reducing swelling due to inflammation, allowing better range of motion and less stiffness.

Physical Recovery

Deep tissue massage may be part of an injury rehabilitation program or a routine part of recovery for athletes. In instance of injury rehabilitation, massages may be used to prevent scar tissue from forming, which only hinders recovery. Additionally, massage can be used to reduce inflammation and encourage healing. Since the massage process incorporates different types of strokes, it increases blood flow to different areas of the body, and in return, more of the body's natural healing properties can reach specific areas. Athletes may find they sustain fewer injuries during training and competitive sports and recover faster by incorporating massage as part of their training program.

Although deep tissue massage is not right for every person or condition, it is an ideal addition to your current treatment or recovery program. Talk with your doctor or athletic trainer to determine if deep tissue massage therapy is right for your needs.

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