Benefits Of Corporate Chair Massage And What To Expect

Massages are well known for their health benefits and ability to decrease stress. Chair massages are no exception. In fact, chair massages are so highly regarded as stress-reducers that many businesses use what is known as corporate chair massage. This is when a business partners with a massage company to offer services to employees. Workers receive massages every so often as part of their employee benefits. Sometimes the massages are given on-site and other times the employees go to a massage salon to enjoy the procedure. Certain training and/or certification is required for the chair messages therapists, so customers can rest assured of the quality of practice. 

There are many advantages of corporate chair message outlined in an article from Incorporate Message. These positive aspects are divided into employee and business benefits. 

Benefits to Employees

  1. Overall Reduction of Stress. The source claims that, compared to stress levels before massage, stress levels after massage decreased by over eighty percent. 
  2. Pain Relief. The studies found that back pain was reduced by forty-eight percent thanks to chair massage. The same result was found for headaches. Chair massage also treats and helps tendinitis and carpal tunnel.
  3. Injury Prevention. With weekly massage therapy, the chances of repetitive stress injury were also reduced.
  4. Mental Ability. Employees demonstrated "increased alertness, speed, and accuracy on math computations following chair massage. 
  5. Other listed benefits include slightly lower blood pressure, better immune function, and increased sleep quality. 

Benefits to the Business 

Few studies are mentioned in the source's list of benefits, but they are somewhat intuitive given the health and wellness benefits mentioned before.  

  1. Improved Productivity. When people are less stressed, experience less pain, and have better mental ability, they generally perform better on the job. Similarly, office morale may improve.
  2. Fewer Worker Compensation Claims. With less pain and with the chance of repetitive stress injury reduced, it's possible that fewer employees will need to file worker compensation.
  3. Healthcare Costs Lowered. A recent study shows that workers who suffer lower back pain and get chair massages for it did not spend nearly as much money on prescriptions and visits to the doctor. This could mean lower healthcare costs for businesses.  

Whether you are interested in chair message for yourself or for your business employees, it might be a good idea to try it out first. Chair message therapists are usually easy to find. Chair massages are usually ten to twenty minutes long. The therapy targets the neck, shoulders, back, and sometimes hands and arms. The pressure should feel relaxing and can be adjusted at your request. Sometimes aromatherapy is used in combination, but this can be avoided if you ask. No oils are used and patients remain fully clothed during the massage. Now that you know more about chair massage therapy, try it yourself or talk to a company about using it in the workplace. 

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