The Problems Caused By Leg Cramps During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in the life of a woman, but leg cramps often strike many women during this delicate process. As a result, a variety of problems may occur that can put a pregnancy at risk. Thankfully, massages can easily manage this concern.

Legs Cramps And How They Disrupt Sleep

Women often experience severe leg cramps during the night when they are pregnant. These leg cramps are often very severe, and send heavy pain throughout the leg that starts in the calves and moves as far up as the hips. Usually, you can expect these cramps around week 19 of your pregnancy and anticipate them up through the third trimester.

The cause of these cramps are unknown, but they can cause a pregnant woman to wake up suddenly in the middle of the night and disrupt her sleep cycle. The lingering pain after the cramps stop may also keep a woman awake long into the night, potentially keeping her up for hours and hours past her normal sleeping time.

The Importance Of Sleep During Pregnancy

Poor sleep is a major concern in pregnancy, as it has been linked to a variety of health problems. For example, studies have shown that poor sleep (and depression and anxiety caused by poor sleep) may contribute to an increased risk for birth complications, including premature births and low birth weight.

This makes it vitally important to avoid the negative effects of leg cramps. While it is possible to prevent them with stretching exercises before going to sleep, massages are one of the most powerful ways to keep cramps from occurring.

How Massages Can Help

Pregnancy massages can help relieve many of the problems which may contribute to leg cramps. For example, they can help relax your muscles and alleviate the stiffness which may cause some leg cramps. They can also help relax your mind and body and make you feel happier and more content.

A pregnancy massage expert can also teach you or your partner how to massage your calves when cramps strike in the night. In this way, you can prevent the cramps from getting worse and avoid the pain that makes them so debilitating to sleep.

Regular pregnancy massages can help keep leg cramps from impacting you and putting your pregnancy at risk. They also help manage other problems, such as headaches and anxiety, to make it an easier and more enjoyable process.

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