How Foot Spa Massage Benefits Total Optimum Health

Not many people would deny how good a foot massage feels. While a foot massage does feel good and helps you to relax, you should know there are other benefits of foot massage that are even greater. If you are ready to relax and enjoy a foot massage, check out some of the ways it can also help you maintain optimum health.

Your Feet Will Enjoy Reflexology

In ancient times, practitioners found that various organs and parts of the body respond to massage in certain areas on the feet. Reflex points on the feet include the toes, ankles and soles. Reflex points are also found on the top of the foot. Specific techniques are used with the thumb for some points while full hand and finger techniques are used for others. Reflexology can benefit your health in many ways, including improved blood circulation and better sleep. People like diabetics can benefit a lot from improved blood circulation in the feet. Diabetics suffer with foot ulcers that can become infected and lead to limb amputation, so taking steps to improve blood circulation is a good idea for people suffering with diabetes.

Foot Massage Can Help Reduce Depression And Anxiety

Depression and anxiety can be debilitating emotions. Many people are given strong medications for helping them to control the side effects of depression and anxiety. However, by having your feet massaged a few times a week, you could experience a great deal of relief from depression and anxiety without the side effects of strong drugs. The relaxation that comes with foot massage is great for relieving the stress that can trigger anxiety and depression.

Lowering Your Blood Pressure Is Important

High blood pressure is associated with serious, life-threatening conditions like heart attack and stroke. If you have high blood pressure, it is vital you take steps to keep it low. Foot massage can help lower your blood pressure through extensive relaxation and stress relief. Reflexology works to release muscle tension for helping to lower your pressure naturally. Combining foot massage with full body massage therapy can increase your stress relief benefits.

Foot Massage Helps Foot Injury Recovery

The pain of a sprained ankle or the condition plantar fasciitis can be tough to deal with. You can experience pain relief from foot massage while it also helps to promote faster healing. Regular sessions of foot massage after a foot injury can help to strengthen the foot muscles for lowering your risk of sustaining another injury in the future.

Taking care of your feet is vital because without them, you will have a hard time working your job or carrying out any other normal activities each day. If you have painful feet, contact a foot massage clinic like Body Sense near you today.

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