Amateur Athletes: Guidelines For Choosing The Best Sports Massage

Are you an amateur athlete or have children that participate in sports? If so, sports massages are something that you should consider. You may know that massages aid in relaxation, but you may be less familiar with the fitness benefits that massage therapy can provide. One of the most important things you need to understand is that there are different types of sports massage techniques that are used for different reasons. You can use the following four options to understand which one is ideal for your circumstances.

Restorative Sports Massage

This method of massage is commonly used when athletes are in training. For example, a person who is training for a triathlon could benefit from utilizing this type of massage service. The benefits passed on to athletes with this type of massage are improved resistance, which may aid in allowing athletes to perform at optimal levels. This type of massage may also help to reduce the chances of sports injuries occurring. For example, a minor injury sustained during training could be improved by restorative sports massage, whereas continuing to train without massage or other intervention could worsen the injury.

Pre-Performance Massage

This type of massage is completed in close proximity to the beginning of a game or event. The professional performing the massage focuses on the areas of the body that will be used most during the performance. For example, techniques that focus on the lower body would be used on a person who would be participating in an activity involving running, and an athletic performance such as football, which involves using more muscle may focus on an overall massage technique. 

Post-Performance Massage

You can consider this as the type of massage that brings the body back to equilibrium. This type of massage is performed within hours of a performance ending. The focus is reiterated to the parts of the body that were used in the performance. If an athlete gets injured during an event, post-performance techniques might be utilized within minutes and followed up with future rehabilitative massage sessions. 

Rehabilitation Massage

This method of massage is utilized when there is a known injury. The length and duration of sessions will depend on the extent of the injuries the athlete has. The goal of this type of massage is to condition the athlete to be able to perform at the same level they performed at prior to their injury. Restorative, pre-performance, and post-performance massage could reduce the chances of you ever needing to undergo rehabilitation massage (at centers like Stephen Parish Massage​).

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