How To Make Sure Your Wife Takes Good Care Of Herself

Whether your wife is a stay-at-home-mom or whether she works outside of the home, she may be among many other women who focus on others before they take care of themselves. If you suspect that this is happening to your wife, here are some ideas that might inspire you to make sure that she gets the care that she needs and deserves.

Consider the different aspects of an individual's life that will make your wife's life full and help your wife to fulfill all of them.

Emotional - Feeling emotionally healthy is a very important component of life.

  • Consider encouraging your wife to create a mission statement for her life. In addition, create one together that will serve as a family mission statement. 
  • Having friends is a very important part of life. Think about making many opportunities for her to connect with others by being available to tend children. Consider joining a baby sitting group or hiring a baby sitter so that you can go out with friends together.
  • Laughter is a wonderful way to build excellent mental health because it eases stress, pain, and conflict. Help your wife to have plenty of opportunities to laugh. Some ideas are to watch funny shows like the old I Love Lucy series or to play funny games with your family and friends. Charades is a good choice.

Spiritual - Whether she is Christian, Jewish or even if your wife doesn't profess a particular religion, having spiritual experiences will probably enhance her life.

  • Consider having family prayers together and encourage each family member to pray in private, or set aside family and individual time for meditation.
  • Encourage your wife and other family members to keep a journal.
  • A wonderful idea is to give your wife CDs of beautiful music that soothes the soul. Hymns and classical music are both good choices. So are songs like Blueberry Hill, Lean On Me, and Dock of the Bay.

Physical - Being physically healthy will help your wife to feel better and to look great.

  • Consider getting your wife a membership at a gym. Another idea is for you to have an exercise regimen together every day.
  • Support your wife in promoting healthy eating habits for your family.
  • For a real physical treat, set up appointments with a massage therapist for your wife. A massage therapist is trained to know how to relieve stress and anxiety. Your wife will probably have a feeling of being cared for and her sense of empowerment may be strengthened. If your wife is hesitant to go to a massage therapist, consider having a couple's massage where both of you will feel the benefits of bonding and relaxing together

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